Donsson - History

Digabe – Donsson group was establish 50 years ago in Bogotá by the visionary and entrepreneur Germán Betancourt Castaño. He started the business in a small premise distributing filter brands of that time. 
Because of the positive response of the clients, new premises were open in Medellin, Barranquilla and Cartagena, strategic and developing cities in Colombia. At the same time, the portfolio of international and national filters brands increased. 
In 1990 Donsson Industries was stablished by German Ricardo Betancourt. Started with the manufacturing of air filters using polyurethane, an innovative material that aimed to replace the use of metal or rubber in filters. With this new material, hermeticity was assured for the whole filter, which means protection to the engines and motors from dust and particles. 
With this innovation the route to satisfy filtration necessities with high quality products was on point giving protection and a long-lasting life to motors and equipment. 
In 2000, after participating in the Bogota´s International Trade Fair, Donsson Industries began to export to Ecuador and soon after to United States where it has competed with high-quality brands of the world in the last twenty years ! 
In 2004, Donsson Industries achieved the quality certification ISO 9001 2015 which is still relevant nowadays. Meaning a constant improvement in all the company processes. 
All these years have allowed Donsson Industries to consolidate as a solid enterprise, with the clear objective of searching innovative technologies. All of these, with a strong believe in business ethics which clearly impacts quality life of workers and help in Colombia´s development.