Be a high capacity enterprise, who produce and sell filters that generate trust within our costumers with three main objectives:

1. Effective protection to motors with a high standard service that satisfy costumers filtration requirements.
2. Pursue a sustained economic growth, which represent value for investors and owners.
3.  Be a people matter organization providing well-being and development for its employees.


In the year 2021 Donsson Industries plan to be a multinational enterprise with presence in 5 different countries and in all Colombian territory.  All of this with high quality advisory in all filtration subjects.

Enterprise Compliance

Donsson Industries is committed to solve and advise in all filtration requirements
for its clients using innovative materials and technology on
its products. 
All its processes and operations are based in strong
and transparent business ethics.
We encourage human development and well-being within our employees to achieve strategic objectives and search for the excellence in all our processes.